Welcome to Dubbo Town & Country Tours!

Relax, explore and experience the best that Dubbo has to offer, whilst meeting local people and places and getting a real feel for our city. We specialise in personalising tours for your needs, and in finding unique places and experiences that aren’t accessible to the general public.

And if you’re a local, you’ll find we offer experiences that are different and only available through our tours, such as edible weed tours, historic homesteads not open to the general public, and other cool experiences.

Some tours are at scheduled times, while others are by appointment – so contact us to see what tours are coming up or if you would like us to create a tour for you.


Dubbo in a Day

Sit back and relax as you get driven to the best sites in Dubbo, where we have done all the planning for you.

Dubbo Town & Country Tour

See our town and learn about its people, industries, history, and great places. This 1 ¼ hour tour is a great introduction to Dubbo.


Historic Wellington

Steeped in convict, colonial, Aboriginal and pastoral history, Wellington is a fascinating town to explore.



Dusty Bob’s Historical Walking Tour

Notorious convict-come-squatter Dusty Bob comes to life to tell the beginnings of Dubbo, intertwined with his life as he tries to overcome his convict past – does he succeed?



River Walk Nature Experience

Learn about the lifeblood of Dubbo: the Macquarie River. Walk along its banks and learn about its environmental and social importance in the past and present – changes, challenges and progress.